Matrix G7 17 piece strength circuit

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Refurbished Circuit.

17-Piece Matrix G7 Strength Circuit

1 x Leg Press
1 x Glute
1 x Prone Leg Curl
1 x Seated Leg Curl
1 x Hip Abduction
1 x Hip Adduction
1 x Calf Extension
1 x Abdominal Crunch
1 x Back Extension
1 x Chest Press
1 x Pec Fly
1 x Seated Row
1 x Lat Pulldown
1 x Shoulder Press
1 x Lateral Raise
1 x Biceps Curl
1 x Triceps Press

Matrix G7 Selectorized Circuit. An amazing selection of 17 single-station machines are nothing short of ideal for members ready to focus on refining specific muscle groups. Matrix G7 circuit makes it easy for members to quickly select their weight and exercise safely in a self-contained unit. 
  • Converging arm movement provides a natural path of motion

  • Adjustable start position facilitates increased range of motion

  • Action Specific Grips provide greater comfort and minimal point pressure

  • Designed for easy entry and exit


Operation is intuitive, and our high-performance designs ensure that our members are getting the most out of every set, every rep and every moment they spend pursuing their fitness goals.